Is There an Age Limit on Twitter?

Earlier tonight, my eldest daughter Ashley (she’s nearly 21) said something downright hilarious. After laughing for about five straight minutes, I decided to tweet what she had said in order to share it with my friends. I had no idea that tweet would end up on the front page of Twitter after having been re-tweeted hundreds of times. A few hours after I had posted, some random girl started yelling at me through the popular social media service, claiming I was “too old” to be on Twitter.

Wait. What? Young Lauren feels that my tweet is “indicative of everything that is wrong with Twitter.” She further claims that my timeline is “filled” with tweets about my children and grandchildren, and that I need to protect my tweets so the world isn’t subjected to them.

A quick perusal of my timeline will confirm to you that I don’t spend all of my time talking about my children. There are many sides to me… mom, nanna, tech writer, ghost blogger, community manager, Microsoft MVP, music junkie. Why, then, should there not be many sides to the “me” found on Twitter? Am I supposed to find out what exactly every person in the world wants to read and only tweet about it? Can you begin to imagine how boring that would be?

In contrast to what Ms. Montano thinks, I believe that tweets like mine show why Twitter WORKS. We don’t limit ourselves to only discussing “relevant things.” Who the hell is to say what is “relevant” to the world in general? It certainly isn’t me, and I highly doubt it’s my newest friend, either. Being a mom doesn’t define me. However, it IS a part of what makes me… ME!

Maybe Jason Calacanis should protect his tweets. Perhaps his 94,000+ followers should drop him. After all, he dared to talk about his child on Twitter! Oh, wait… maybe my friend Robert Scoble should make his timeline private! After all, he did tweet all through his wife’s labor and delivery to keep us updated.

Maybe my good buddy Mark Horvath should get off of Twitter and stop helping homeless people. After all, he’s older than I am! Kirstie Alley happens to be one of my idols. However, she, too, is older than I am. She dares to tweet about her family at times.

The thought that someone should not talk about their lives outside of what one person deems to be “relevant” is ludicrous. I wouldn’t want to live in a world where that happened. In fact, if Twitter started mandating that we cannot add something funny or personal to our accounts I will pack up my computer and cancel my Comcast.

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9 Responses to Is There an Age Limit on Twitter?

  1. Fort says:

    Ghods, if you’re too old, I should taken out in the back forty and shot and left for the vultures.

    Welcome our Logan’s Run overlords.

  2. Kordaff says:

    Hmm maybe there’s something to that old adage that kids, even grown-*** kids, should be seen and not heard… lol i might be headed toward middle-aged demographic membership =(

  3. ninja says:

    Yes, there is an age limit: you must be old enough to form a contract with them ;) Don’t see any maximum age listed though, so you all are safe.

    I’ve said it other places, and I’ll say it here: twitter is what you make of it. Because of that, everyone is going to use twitter differently than anyone else.

    I did have more I was going to say, but meh, I can’t figure out how to word it. Watch it come to me as I’m about to go to bed.

  4. Lateef says:

    What people need to realize is that Twitter is no longer “cool”. Just like the web, just like parachute pants, just like Twilo, just like Obama, everything ceases to be cool at some point. Twitter isn’t cool any more.

    Ok, Obama is still kind of cool, but not for long.

  5. Gnimsh says:

    Geez Kat. It’s like you have a life even though you’re older than little ms. what’s her face. And on top of that, that you could possibly have friends who even want to hear about the things you have to say!

    But really, this is completely absurd. You post whatever you want, and that bitch posts whatever drivel she thinks is interesting (even thought it’s not). That’s what’s great about twitter! If you don’t like it, don’t read it, unfollow that person, and forget about them.

    I think you should be honored that she took enough time out of her obviously busy life to start a flame war with and the rest of WR on twitter just to prove that she’s right.

    FWIW, I agree with Ashley. Fuck all those problems waiting to be solved when they can do it they damn selves!

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  7. baby j says:

    I want to kno if there iz a sertent age to make a twitter is there is email me the answer because my daughter wants 1 and I don’t know the agwe limit email me at [redacted]

  8. Marc Draco says:

    I just can’t wait for Twitter to go bust. The the net will be a nicer place again. It’s turned normal people into celebrity wannabes, blithering idiots and idle buffoons.

  9. JJ says:

    I checked on wikipedia that twitter is open to any user. Just type List of Social Networking Sites,then search for twitter and it says its open!

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