Showtime About to be in a Customer Service Nightmare

If you live in the social space, you know that San Diego Comic Con is going on right now. This is a big event, folks. There are like – a bajillion people in attendance. Anyone who is anyone is there – except me, of course. All the cool kids hang out. Television shows, games, comic book companies and other mediums are represented. Having a company presence at this phenomenal event is crucial for many businesses, but be careful: people ARE listening to every word you say.

Zack Stentz Tweeted just a bit ago from the floor. My mouth hit MY floor when I read his words: “Dear Showtime execs loudly mocking costume wearers & describing ‪#ComicCon‬ as a “freakshow”: that’s your audience you’re insulting, assholes.”

Uh oh. Someone from Showtime is about to lose their job – or should. You simply don’t attend an event of ANY magnitude (especially one this large) and snidely deride the very people you hope will buy your service or product. It’s like the golden freaking rule of customer service. If you really felt the need to trash those individuals, don’t you think it would have been a damn good idea to wait until you hit the privacy of your hotel room tonight? Perhaps you should have just kept your mouth shut and your thoughts to yourself.

Welcome to the social world, Showtime. EVERYONE will now see the words your executives uttered during one of the biggest fan gatherings of the year. Current and potential customers from all over the world know exactly how important people from your organization view them. Tell me this – why would I bother to want to watch your channels after this? If you think this is no big deal, just wait… wait until there are hundreds of blog posts like mine attempting to get it through your thick fricken’ skulls that this was a HUGE screw-up. Just wait until that lone Tweet is zinged through the Twittersphere, posted to Facebook and re-shared on Google+. Oh wait – perhaps it will even show up in places such as Pinterest as a brand NOT to buy from due to their lack of care and concern for their customers.

Bigger companies than you have had serious fallout due to crap customer service. You’d think you – and others like you – would have learned from their oopsies. It’s simple, honestly: treat your customers as though they are the most important, influential and intelligent people in the world. Guess what? THEY ARE.

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  1. Fort says:


    Showtime execs that said those words is a ‘dane. Short for “mundane.” Or normal person. It’s the name some sci-fi people use. Sad that the poor ‘dane is going to see the effects of his words carried much farther than San Diego. But, they’ll learn: The wallet of fen is not something to be trifled with. And what will this person say when one of these “freaks” shows up at work Monday in a suit and tie? Love to be a fly on the wall for that!

    – Fort, one of the fen

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