Episode #68 - Meagan T. Harding

Are you an innovator? How about a creative, storyteller, or activist? Do you make your way to South by Southwest every year, or lead discussions in your community or church, or practice law in order to ensure liberty and justice for all? Have you ever experienced trauma, or does your work bring you into contact with traumatized people?

If you check any or all of those boxes, you’re going to love this week’s Polished Podcast episode with Meagan T. Harding. And if this description doesn’t quite sound like you, give the episode a listen anyway. Meagan’s joy, wisdom, and zeal for the wellbeing of others will inspire you.

As a Senior Attorney at the Texas Civil Rights Project, Meagan practices law in order to correct systemic issues on a large scale. As a Founding Chief Community Curator, Meagan develops cohorts for Rosa Rebelion, a platform for creative activism by and for women of color recently featured at South by Southwest, where Rosa Rebelion presented REBEL + REST—a resistance conversation, workshop, rejuvenation zone, and storytelling booth led by Black activists, advocates, creatives and wellness practitioners.

As a founding member of “The Gospel And” (TGA) at Mosaic Church Austin, Meagan cultivated authentic conversations around difficult topics such as race, politics and community through curriculum, programming, and relationships. And as a guest on the Polished podcast, Meagan invites each of us, no matter our profession, skin color, or experience in the pursuit of justice, to join her in finding ways to elevate women of color—not so that other voices will be silenced, but so that those too often dismissed will be heard.

We hope that Meagan’s creativity, passion for her work, and commitment to the flourishing of all people encourages you in your own professional and personal pursuits today!

Megan Sjuts